Disaster Preparedness

This Southwest Florida Disaster Preparedness Plan provides guidelines for preparing for natural disasters.  It is important for board members and owners to know what to expect. At the same time, we emphasize that only the parts of this plan to be implemented are those that are safe and reasonable considering circumstances. Do not expect anyone to risk injury to protect property. Property is replaceable. This plan stresses hurricane preparedness, the major particular fury of nature in southwest Florida. However, each of the regions we serve are subject to flood related to hurricanes, tornadoes and fire. We hope that you will read this, keep it for reference and remember that what it has to offer is applicable in a variety of situations, not just hurricanes.

Please download and review the complete Disaster Preparedness Plan and be prepared to coordinate the necessary precautions for yourself and your property.

You may also wish to record the Names and Numbers of some First Response Contractors for your use after the storm.