Condominium Association Management

The Condominium Association Management Department at Fairway Property Management enhances your level of community development helping to ensure that your  association operates at its peak potential in terms of financial and operational aspects.

A Condominium Association is a community association of unit owners in a condominium building. The association elects a board of directors, which handles the maintenance and repair of common areas, disputes among unit owners, and enforcement of rules and regulations, and condominium fees.  All of the condominium unit owners of the units are members of the condominium association and have shared ownership of the common areas and facilities.

Everyone who buys a condo receives a set of the covenants, conditions and restrictions.  Before they sign the contract, the selling agent must disclose what the rules and regulations of the association are. There could be restrictions about pets roaming free, overnight guest parking, or types of landscaping the owners can put on their patios or balconies. Federal, state and local laws dictate what can be included in the rules and regulations.

The members of the association elect a board of directors who hire a property manager to enforce the rules, maintain the complex, and handle disputes.