About Us

Fairway Property Management is a professional property management firm serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Southwest Florida. Our firm principals https://chiefessays.net/ are third generation property managers who guide the firm as their grandfather did when he opened his first realty office in the early 1900′s, treat your clients with honesty, integrity and transparency. Our association managers each average over 20 years experience in property management with extensive Homeowner (HOA), Condominium, and Master community association experience. Our property maintenance and home watch personnel are expert craftsman who are adept at not only maintaining your property but are trained to work with the property owner to take the worry of property ownership away from them.

Our Executive Team

Jerry McTear
President and Chief Executive Officer

Jerry McTear is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Fairway Property Management. He has a bachelor’s degree in business management and finance and is a licensed community manager in the State of Florida. In addition, Jerry holds property, casualty, life and health insurance as well as fixed annuity licensing in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Florida and several other states. Jerry essaywriter essay writing is a third generation property manager and has over 30 years of property management experience. In 1982, while still in college, Jerry along with his brother John formed a property maintenance company that was the foundation on which Fairway Property was built. While the company name has changed, services have been added and the geographical service area has grown, Jerry holds true to the basic tenants that made that first company a success, work hard and provide a valued service to the client. Jerry is very active in his community having served on many community boards and commissions throughout the years and counts his over thirty years as a volunteer fire fighter as among his proudest accomplishments. Jerry oversees the administration of the firm.

John McTear
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

John McTear is the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Fairway Property Management. He has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and has over 30 years of accounting experience in both the public and private accounting sectors. John is considered a turnaround specialist in the industry and has guided many distressed companies as they made their return to profitability. In 1982, John and Jerry formed a property maintenance company with John heading up operations for the company. In those early years, John spent many hours in the field. He has a great appreciation for the work being done by our tradespeople and still likes to get out there and swing a hammer every now and then. John is a third generation property manager and has over thirty years of property maintenance experience. John is a very active fundraiser for the American Cancer Society and is also very politically active in his community. John oversees all firm and client accounting, budgeting and contracting.